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Wow, haven't been here in forever....


-Dusts away cobwebs.-

Long story short, I got addicted to Lotro, stopped getting good photos to update with, stopped working on cosplay, because I have a bunch already,aaaaand.....yeah that's about it GOOD FRIGGN LORD A THOUSAND JOURNALS!?! >_>



I'm hooked to Tera Online now.

  • Eating: ramen
  • Drinking: broth


Shikamaru of LastMinProductionz
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Well hey thar! 8D... I go by a couple names. Reno/Shiki....take yer pick. Don't really care wether i'm referred to as male or female. s'all good! I'm 25 years old(the ID pic is old xD) and Bisexual.Generally,I'm easygoing and quick to laugh. xD If you've got questions,feel free to ask me. I really don't anger easily... I'm part of the cosplaygroup :iconlastminproductionz: ,which is based mostly in the California bay area.

How to befriend me:
* Saying "Hello" is usually a good start.
* The Golden Rule is your best friend here. "Treat others the way you wish to be treated"
*Don't piss me off alot.
Very simple Ladies and Gents.

How to get on my shit list. AKA,what NOT to do.
(the only reason theres swearing in this is because this stuff irritates me to no end. I usually don't swear)
* by bieng two faced.
*bieng excessively rude/inconsiderate/harrassing my friends (sexual or otherwise& yes this includes stalking) = INSTA BLACK LIST.
* Blaming me for junk I didn't do when ya know damn well it wasn't me.= You. Gone.

*Sexually harrassing ME=free knuckle sandwich,(you might get more than one sandwich if i'm in a good mood) This one is an INSTA BLACK LIST/IGNORE FOREVER. (lets face it folks, If yer such an idiot that you keep trying to lay the "Foxy Fingers" on me after I've already told you I'm not intrested,or that it bugs me,you had it coming. No excuses on this. NO MEANS NO. I DON'T DO THAT 'Play hard to get' junk.)

*Going to my friends about a problem you have with ME. Talk to ME. Talking to my pals won't solve a thing. If you just suddenly stop talking to me/ignoring me,I'm just going to think yer bieng an ass. TELL ME WHAT I DID TO PISS YOU OFF (i'm amazed how many people don't understand this concept) Three strikes and yer out on this one.

* Usuing a disability as a scapegoat. = - Over 9000 respect points/possibly insta black list. Three strikes. You.Gone.

*Picking fights/looking for a reason to yell/bitch at me. =Three strikes. Gone.

Basically,don't be a jerk. Pitifully simple. I honestly consider all of the things in the what NOT to do list common sense. yes, even for people who are socially awkward. I'm socially awkward at times,you won't see me pulling this junk.

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Happy birthday Lam!
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Hi! It's Skitten from TERA. c: I'm absolutely loving these cosplays! >W<
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Yay! i'm glad you like them :D they were fun to wear!!
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thanks Sila!
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guess who finally got theyre lazy butt to look for your dev. account :3
BowShikaMaomao Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013  Student General Artist
all right!!!
titsandtrees Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2012
Thank you for the favorite!! your jak cosplay is ballan yo
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Thank you so, so much for the watch!!
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